Orange is the Happiest Color.


Hello lovelies!

I just want to start off by telling all of you that this week is going to be amazing. So, at my school it’s projects week. What that means is just that all the grades get one topic, which you have to do a project about and then on Thursday and Friday you present. I’m not too excited about the project but what I’m really excited about is that we only have to go to school  three days this week and the rest of the days we have a short day.

Anyway, back to the exciting part!

This weekend I went shopping at the thrift store and found some amazing stuff. I love thrifting because there is something cool you can always find.






Top- thrift store (hand made)

Pants- thrift store (ASOS)

Shoes- thrift store

Jewellry- Burlington & the rings are from a local store that sells silver jewellry.

90s Fashion.

I don’t know about you, but I really love some of the 1990s trends! Some of these trends we are still following today.

The 1990s were all about being edgy, which is the reason why I love it so much. It was all about high wasted pants, shorts, crop tops, leather and much more.

Fashion of the 90s has an influance on the way that I dress. I take a lot of inspiration from many photos that I see floating around of the 1990s. My favorite trends were and still are the high waisted pants, leather pants and jackets and bulky boots/booties.






January Favorites 2014

DSC_1736 (2)

Hello loves!

I can’t believe it’s already February! We all know what holiday is coming up- Valentine’s Day. This means I’m gonna spend Feb. 14th in bed with candy watching Titanic!

Anyway, other than the fact that it’s Valentine’s day this month I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products with you all!


The first thing is something that I’ve mentioned in a previous post already. It’s the Loreal Triple Active Fresh moisturizer. I have used this for about a month or so now and I am completely in LOVE! In the mornings after you wash your face and put this on, your skin will feel so refreshed and soft. It gives you an amazing cool feeling and for me, it’s just what I need!

Next is a body lotion that I got as a gift for Christmas. I have used up more that half of it already. To me, it’s just a regular, nice smelling moisturizer. I use this right after I take a shower and it leaves my skin very soft, as would any other moisturizer!


I really enjoyed the Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes mascara in purple, yes you read that right PURPLE! The reason I really like this mascara is because it volumizes and lenghtens my lashes. As for the color, well you can’t notice it unless you stand in sunlight. I don’t have a problem with my everyday mascara being purple just because I have brown eyes and I feel like this just makes them look even better.

The Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume sample is another thing I got for Christmas. This is a perfume that I have wanted for a really long time. Although, it’s just a sample, I really like it and use it when I want to feel girly and pretty!


I have been liking this very simple and easy braided hairstyle. All you do is just take a tiny section of hair from the side and draid it. Then fold it back and secure it with a bobby pin!

Braided hairstyles are great for a date on Valentine’s Day because it’s cute, sweet and  easy to do.


6 Easy Tips To Help Your Skin Survive Winter

It’s no secret that skincare should change with the seasons, but it can be tough to know what’s best when the weather turns wicked. Here are a few simple things that you can do to keep your skin healthy all winter long so that it’s fresh and glowing come spring:


1. Buff away dry winter skin

Buff away your dry winter skin and reveal a glowing complexion with a luxe body scrub. I look for a combination of sloughers (exfoliating granules) and softeners (natural oils) to leave my skin soft and hydrated. Something like AHAVA’s Softening Butter Salt Scrub ($25) is the perfect solution.


2. Seal in moisture

Once out of the shower, seal in moisture from head to toe. On my face, I like to amp up the hydration with the addition of glycerin and hyaluronic acid, while I opt for something lightweight and easy to apply from the neck down.


3. Ease up on cleanser

Colder weather means that it’s time to lighten up your cleanser, because over cleansing can strip and irritate skin. I love Trish McEvoy’s Gentle Cleansing Wash because it’s creamy and soap-free. It’s safe enough to be used on my eye area and easily rids my face of the day’s makeup, without scrubbing.


4. Use non-drying products

If you use a facial serum or toner, make sure that it’s extra gentle and nondrying. Skin tends to lose moisture in the winter, which can result in rebound oil production and more breakouts than usual.


5. Double down on hydration

If you find your skin to be extra dry, invest in a hydrating facial mask that doesn’t need to be washed off and can be worn overnight.

6. Protect your hands and nails

Probably the most exposed to the elements, your hands and nails need extra protection this time of year. When it comes to a hand cream, the richer the better and a sweet scent doesn’t hurt. Perlier’s White Almond Hand Cream ($15), which sinks right in and soothes on contact.



I hope these tips are helpful in transitioning your skin through the bitter cold. If you’ve got additional tricks or products that are saving your skin this winter, I would love to hear about them in the comments!

I want to personally thank Jackie Samoraj form  HSN  for this great opportunity to share a wonderful post, that was written by Lara Ramos. She did an outstanding job giving tips to every woman. This girl knows what she is talking about!

It is very important to take care of your skin all year around. If you can follow these great tips, then you are on the road to a beautiful, healthy skin!

Read the original post by clicking here!

Cara Delevingne Inspired Eyebrows.

Hello lovelies!

I’m sure most of you know who Cara Delevinge is, right? Well, if you don’t I can tell you! She is a 21 year old British model, and is the face of Burberry. She has modeled for many well known brands, including Victoria’s Secret.

Cara is very well known for her eyebrows. They are so beautiful and bold! Not many people can pull off such brows. Well, I decided to give it a try and make my brows look similar to hers.

Since my eyebrow shape is different from hers, it was kinda difficult to make it look exactly the way hers are but I tried my best!






Products used:

Maybelline Expert Wear eyeshadow pallette. I used the darker color in the quad to fill in my brows and get them to the shape closest to Cara’s.

Wet n Wild Coloricon trio (without a name). I used this as eyeliner around my eyes to get the bold, dark look.



The Best Movies I’ve Watched.


Hi everyone!

It has been a weird week and I think I’m getting a cold. There’s also so much projects due next week and in February. Being in high school is not fun at all to me but who knows maybe things will get better!

Anyway, to the actual topic!

I know we all love movies, ecspecially me. During christmas break I could watch 5 movies in a day and I did! While watching those movies I found some amazing ones, that I could watch over and over again.

All of the movies that I watched and loved were from more than 10 years ago, which is crazy that I’ve never heard of some of them before!

You will probably notice that I watch a lot of drama or thriller movies. That’s because they are my favorite of all. Most of them are about teenager. I like watching those kinds of movies because, I feel like I can relate more to them.















These are the best movies I’ve seen so far. I hope you watch them and tell me your favorite movie!


What Inspires You?

Hey lovelies!

It’s another beautiful winter day! Since it’s so wonderfully amazing, I got inpired to do something that I’ve never thought about doing.

I had a little empty notebook just sitting around. For a while I had been thinking on what to write in it. Finally today was the day I decided on what that was.

It is an inspirational quotes notebook.


I wanted to write my favorite quotes, just to look at everyday and make my day much better.  I’ve decided to carry this notebook with me everywhere for inspiration. A lot of the quotes that are in here mean something to me or ones that I can relate to.

This will make your everyday light up. I hope you do the same with your empty notebook!

DSC_1719 DSC_1722 DSC_1721


First Week Of Trying the Loreal Triple Active Fresh Moisturizer.


Hello lovelies!

Last week I ran out of my moisturizer that I was using (if interested click here). While shopping I found a moisturizer that looked very interesting. And by interesting I mean that I liked the packaging. Yes, I’m that type of person who likes things just by the way they look.

Now that it’s been a week since I bought this moisturizer, I thought I would share my first thoughts about it!



Nice packaging.

Easy to use.

Very moisturizing.

Smells nice.

Pretty color.

It’s a gel formula.



The fact that you have to be very careful of how much you use because a little can go a long way. (also a con: lasts long)

Sometimes can be difficult to screw the lid.

Overall this has to be my favorite moisturizer so far. Very mosturizing and wasn’t expencive at all.

DSC_1715 Cuteness

I’m Back!

Hey guys! I’ve missed all of you so much and I’m so sorry I have been gone for so long. The reason why I was gone, was becasue I wanted to take some time to myself. As I mentioned in a post I made about a month ago, I was in a hospital. After that hospital visit I wanted to relax and not think about some stuff for a while, so I took a break. Also, another reason why I haven’t been posting is because I didn’t have any ideas on what to post.

While I was gone, I  wanted to do something new, so I did. I colored my hair!


While in the waiting room for a doctors apointment, I suddenly felt an urge to change something about my life and it was my hair! I’ve never changed my hair color before this, so I was excited, as well nervous because this was something new for me.

Anyway, I’m super excited to continue posting and I hope you are too!!

DSC_1713 Cuteness

A Little Red Lipstick Can’t Hurt Anyone.






My sweetie in the background!

Hello lovelies!

I was in a picture taking mood a couple of days ago, so I decided to put on some nice clothes and a red lipstick. This always happens to me when I’m home alone and bored. I just put on makeup, dress up and take pictures in my messy room. Also, I put my hair in a very messy bun. That was a challange for me because my hair is short but turns out it’s not too short for a super messy bun with random peaces of hair sticking out!

Blouse- Forever 21

Sweater- Forever 21

Pants- Reserved